Author: Triedand

Tropical Tapioca Pudding With Guav, Cinnamon, And Vanilla Beans

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Today, I boiled guavas in a simple syrup, blended the fruit and syrup in my high powered blender, and strained out the seed granules.  It made an amazing nectar.  While my daughter and I thought about just drinking it right then and there, I felt a little guilty about it (I guess it couldn’t be ….  Read More

Umami Cabbage & Lemongrass Soup Over Seasoned Rice

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There’s something about this soup…some people at our table may have moaned audibly, several times, and had seconds and thirds. I know it doesn’t look like much, and when I first read the ingredients, I was seriously doubtful – but I thought I’d try it out, and then I tweaked and played with the flavor, ….  Read More

Vegan/Wfpb Chicken Tortilla Soup Inspired Black Bean And Rice Soup

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After thumbing through several vegan cookbooks tonight, I had decided to make a basic black bean and rice soup. However, as I began collecting ingredients, it morphed into something new, warm, comforting and reminiscent of chicken tortilla soup. This soup comes together quickly and is awesome served over rice, topped with Pico de gallo, diced ….  Read More