Toffee And Coconut Filled Chocolate Cake

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Chocolate, Toffee and Coconut Filled Cake – with Rose Williams Thanks to my friend Rose – a great chef and food stylist who helped me come up with this recipe to satisfy a sweet tooth for a birthday! Cake- Hershey’s Perfectly Chocolate, Chocolate Cake I was thrilled to find that Rose’s preferred chocolate cake recipe ….  Read More

Tropical Tapioca Pudding With Guav, Cinnamon, And Vanilla Beans

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Today, I boiled guavas in a simple syrup, blended the fruit and syrup in my high powered blender, and strained out the seed granules.  It made an amazing nectar.  While my daughter and I thought about just drinking it right then and there, I felt a little guilty about it (I guess it couldn’t be ….  Read More